Made in China

A good majority, 75%-80%, of todays office furniture ‘ Sold in America’ is made in China. 

It’s about profit.  Most american furniture manufacturers make more profit when buying furniture products from China and selling them as is in the “box” or finishing the final stage of assembly in the U.S.A.

It use to be that the Chinese product was inferior.  However, over the years the products made in China has become very acceptable.  A lot of this has to do with american manufacturers going over to China and instructing the Chinese on how and what to do to make the product marketable and still be able to make a large profit.  

There are still  many U.S. furniture manufacturers making “Made in America” product.  But, you have to look for them and you have to ask for them.  

At Virginia Business Interiors in Charlottesville,Va we specialize on the sale and marketing of US made commercial office furniture products.

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