How to choose Office Chairs

When choosing an office chair you should sit in it for more than a few seconds.   Many times we have seen customers come into the showroom, sit down in a demo chair for a few seconds, get up and say ” I don’t like that one.”  First they didn’t sit in long enough. Second it may not have been the correct size for them, Third, the chair may not have been adjusted correctly for them.   You will be sitting in your office chair for roughly 6 hours a day( give or take an hour ), so you need to spend more time finding the right chair.  If you can use the chair in the same position you would when working. 

Get advice from an experienced commercial furniture salesperson.  If they have the right knowledge they should be able to help you find the correct office chair.

At Virginia Business Interiors, we offer office chairs that solve a variety of solutions.  We offer chairs that can modified to the users body size.  Most office chairs are made to accommodate 80% of people working.  We have found if you are in the remaining 20% then you will need a chair to fit your size.  Good value chairs have a variety of seat sizes, arm adjust ability and back adjustment and more recently the gas cylinders that raise the chair up and down come in a variety of height range.  Also important is how the seat feels, soft or hard.  A good office chair has a high quality foam and as an option have additional foam added for softness.

Find a local experienced commercial salesperson to help you choose your next office chair.

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