Herman Miller Remanufactured AO2 Panel Workstatins

Virginia Business Interiors offers Remanufactured Herman Miller AO2 Panel Workstations.   Located in Charlottesville, Virginia, since 1987, VBI has provided high quality low cost alternative to new HM AO2 panel systems.  Call Virginia Business Interiors for information and pricing.

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Office Artwork Virginia Business Interiors

Virginia Business Interiors has a simple way for you to furnish your facility with art that gives you exceptional value.

Need help with art selection?

We have art design experts to help you clarify the vision for your art program so that you achieve the best art solution for your space.

Looking for an easier process that gives you more value for the dollar?

Our full service approach to art procurement (including design, manufacturing and installation) will give you economies you won’t get by working through separate vendors. We manage the process from start to finish guaranteeing you a better quality product. You also get:

  • Free design services
  • A single source for accessing prints from all of the fine art publishers
  • An extensive collection of photographic images available in print, canvas, acrylic, aluminum, murals and acoustic panels
  • Products and pricing to meet any budget

You can create incredible art yourself using our website and online design tools or you can let one of our art design experts design it all for you.

You have other options for buying art, but none offer you the same level of service, economies and design expertise that you can get through Virginia Business Interiors and Great American Art.

Contact me today for more information on how to get started.


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HON GMC Buick Dealer Approved Furniture

HON has been pre-approved for GMC Buick Dealers.  Less expensive than Haworth, Herman Miller and Steelcase.  Call Virginia Business Interiors for pricing.

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healthCentric Medical Grade Seating

healthCentric Seating.

Durable Seating equals cost savings.  IC+ is a new PVC-Free alternative to vinyl that is ten (10) times stronger than vinyl and puncture resistant.

So tough we Guarantee IC+ for 10 Years.

Completely Sealed.  Impermeable to liquids and microbes. Non-Porous, No Seams.

Stands up to all cleaners and disinfectants for Superior Cleanability.


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Made in China

A good majority, 75%-80%, of todays office furniture ‘ Sold in America’ is made in China. 

It’s about profit.  Most american furniture manufacturers make more profit when buying furniture products from China and selling them as is in the “box” or finishing the final stage of assembly in the U.S.A.

It use to be that the Chinese product was inferior.  However, over the years the products made in China has become very acceptable.  A lot of this has to do with american manufacturers going over to China and instructing the Chinese on how and what to do to make the product marketable and still be able to make a large profit.  

There are still  many U.S. furniture manufacturers making “Made in America” product.  But, you have to look for them and you have to ask for them.  

At Virginia Business Interiors in Charlottesville,Va we specialize on the sale and marketing of US made commercial office furniture products.

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Office Tables – Conference, Training, Round, Square, Small, Little

Commercial Office Tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Virginia Business Interiors offers a very large selection of tables for the office. We set our selves apart from our competition by offering non standard sizes and shapes.   Tables can come in both laminate veneer and wood veneer. With todays laminate technology, most people can tell the difference between a wood look plastic laminate veneer and an actual wood veneer.   We can also save our clinets money on conference room tables by using plain black metal bases rather than the more expensive round cylinder bases.

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How to choose Office Chairs

When choosing an office chair you should sit in it for more than a few seconds.   Many times we have seen customers come into the showroom, sit down in a demo chair for a few seconds, get up and say ” I don’t like that one.”  First they didn’t sit in long enough. Second it may not have been the correct size for them, Third, the chair may not have been adjusted correctly for them.   You will be sitting in your office chair for roughly 6 hours a day( give or take an hour ), so you need to spend more time finding the right chair.  If you can use the chair in the same position you would when working. 

Get advice from an experienced commercial furniture salesperson.  If they have the right knowledge they should be able to help you find the correct office chair.

At Virginia Business Interiors, we offer office chairs that solve a variety of solutions.  We offer chairs that can modified to the users body size.  Most office chairs are made to accommodate 80% of people working.  We have found if you are in the remaining 20% then you will need a chair to fit your size.  Good value chairs have a variety of seat sizes, arm adjust ability and back adjustment and more recently the gas cylinders that raise the chair up and down come in a variety of height range.  Also important is how the seat feels, soft or hard.  A good office chair has a high quality foam and as an option have additional foam added for softness.

Find a local experienced commercial salesperson to help you choose your next office chair.

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Basic Computer Ergonomics

1. The top of your monitor should be at eye level, and directly centered in front of you. It should be about an arm’s length in front of you.  If the monitor is too high you may have neck and shoulder aches.  You’re looking up at the monitor screen and not slightly down.

2. Your desk surface should be at roughly belly button level. When your arms are placed on the desk, your elbows should be at a ~90 degree angle, just below the desk surface. The armrests of your chair should be at nearly the same level as the desk surface to support your elbows.  When you have your elbows supported by the armrests, you rest the shoulder muscles holding your arms.

3. Your feet should be flat on the floor with your knees at a ~90 degree angle.

4. When typing, your wrists should be in line with your forearms and not bent up, down, or to the side.

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Seating / Chairs

Choose a desk chair that fits your body and type of work rather than being forced to sit in a desk chair that doesn’t fit.   A good desk chair will improve your productivity by 20%.

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